Explore  the beauty of sangihe and talaud islands in north sulawesi.
A true hidden paradise of indonesia.

Tahuna :

1. Beautiful Sangihe Island : - Start from Hotel at 8 am

                                                 - Manganitu places history

                                                 - Traditional Music in Manupitaeng

                                                 - Furniture from Bamboo Batik in Bowongkulu

                                                 - Pananualeng white sand beach

                                                 - Lunch enroute

                                                 - Petta harbour

                                                 - Sword Industry in Lenganeng

                                                 - Nice view from the top to see Tahuna Bay

                                                 - Back to Hotel at 5 pm.



Old House former King of Manganitu

He played traditional music

He making furniture from bamboo

Pananualeng beach

 Nice view from the top                                           


2. Awu Volcano Tour : - Start from Hotel 5 am

                                      - Go to village as starting point

                                      - Climbing to volcano about 3 hours

                                      - Lunch on the top

                                      - Go down to village

                                      - Back to Hotel at 4 pm.


walking to the top

Go down

Awu crater

3. Trekking to Nature waterfall : - Start from Hotel at 8 am

                                                      - Sightseeing to villages

                                                      -  Lelipang  as starting point

                                                      - Trekking to Nguralawo waterfall about an hour

                                                      - Back to Tahuna at 5 pm.


Nguralawo Waterfall

4. Trekking to Hiden waterfall : - Start from Hotel 8 am

                                                     - Sightseeing Maselihe bridge known The Lost of City

                                                     - Trekking to Pampanikiang waterfall about 20 minutes

                                                     - Lunch enroute

                                                     - Go arround Kendahe village

                                                     - Enjoying sunset at Kolongan beach

                                                     - Back to Tahuna at 6 pm.


 take a rest before waterfall

please come...we almost arrive


wow fresh and cool

                         Included : - AC Tour Car

                                          - English Guide Speaking

                                          - Snack / drink /lunch

                                          - Entrance fees

                                          - Services.