Explore  the beauty of sangihe and talaud islands in north sulawesi.
A true hidden paradise of indonesia.

Geographically, Sangihe Islands lies between 40 4' 13" - 40 44' 22" North Latitude, 1250 9' 28" - 56' 57" East Longitude, which is located in border area of North Sulawesi. Sangihe Islands are spread out along the edge of the Pacific Ocean between the islands of Sulawesi, Indonesia and Philipiness. Sangihe Island consists of 15 sub districs and number population is about 130,000 people. Tahuna as Capital City of Sangihe Islands can be reach by ship from Manado (142 sea miles) and flight. They are like a string of pearls with their white sand beaches and fertile land upon which decorate the foot of a mighty volcano reaching to the sky. A variety of sea life as well as beautiful wildlife and plant life inhabiting the land create an ornamental picture of nature in harmony which is complemented by the rich culture and friendliness of local residents. The peaceful island atmosphere will make all visitors feel at home. The unpolluted blue sky and clear crystal waters are incomparable.