Explore  the beauty of sangihe and talaud islands in north sulawesi.
A true hidden paradise of indonesia.

Melonguane :

1. Sightseeing to Sara Island : - Start from Hotel

                                                      - Go to the islands with a boat

                                                      - Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling

                                                       - Back to Melonguane


2. Salibabu Island Tour : - Start from Hotel

                                          - Boat go to Salibabu Island with a boat

                                          - Land tour from Lirung-Bitunuris with a car

                                          - Back to Melonguane


Bitunuris beach

                        Included : - Transport (car and boat)

                                          - English Guide Speaking

                                          - Snack/lunch

                                          - Entrance fees

                                          - Services.