Explore  the beauty of sangihe and talaud islands in north sulawesi.
A true hidden paradise of indonesia.

Adventure Karakelang Island Tour 5D4N :

 Day 1 :  -  Arrive in Melonguane 

              -  Check-in Hotel

              -  Sightseeing arround Melonguane

 Day 2 : - Check-out Hotel

              - From Beo with car going to villages

               - Long trip 

               - Arrive and stay in Lahu village at local house

 Day 3 :  - Visit Pondouane beach

               - Sunbathing, swimming and boat rowing

               - See coconut processing and forest

 Day 4 :  - Go arround to other villages to see cave, traditional life, etc.

               - Cooking

               -  Dinner party with local food

 Day 5  :  - Early morning from Lahu village go to Beo with car 

               - Car from Beo to Airport

               - Flight to Manado 

Included : - Fight tickets Manado-Melonguane rt

                  - English Guide Speaking

                  - Snack/drink

                  - Car to Hotel, Beo, Airport

                  - Room hotel with AC

                  - Homestay

                  - Public car from Beo to villages and back

                  - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Price : upon the request.

Pondouane beach

Skull cave inside those trees

They happy to accompany with guest, show places to go