Explore  the beauty of sangihe and talaud islands in north sulawesi.
A true hidden paradise of indonesia.

About Sangihe and Talaud Islands

Strewn across the sea between Indonesia and the southern Philippines are the volcanic island groups of Sangihe and Talaud. There are 77 islands, of which 56 are inhabited. The main islands in the Sangihe group are Sangihe,  Siau, Tagulandang and the main islands in the Talaud group are Karakelang, Salibabu,  Kabaruan. The capital of the group is Tahuna on Sangihe; the other major settlement is Melonguane on Pulau Karakelang.
The islands offer dozens of unspoilt sandy beaches, several volcanoes to climb, many caves and waterfalls to explore, and some super diving and snorkelling. But like most wonderfully pristine places. 

The islands off the very north coast of Manado, which seem to form a kind of bridge with the very southernmost islands of the Philippines, are the group known as Sangihe & Talaud.

An archipelago of 77 islands, Sangihe & Talaud like most unspoiled areas. A speedboat makes the journey from Manado in around seven hours, stay overnight and go back the next day. The administrative capital and largest town is Tahuna on the island of Sangihe. There are several hotels here offering basic but passable accommodation. In town, shop for the carved ebony wood for which the area is famous, as well as embroidered fabrics from the island of Batunderang. There’s also an interesting house of Dutch design and unknown age. If you have a couple of days and plenty of extra energy you could climb Gunung Awu the spectacular volcanic peak. First check in at the monitoring station at Tulusau, to make sure conditions are right. To the south of Sangihe, the island of Siau has a glorious 1800m volcanic peak known locally as Gunung Api Siau. This volcano had a major explosion in 1974, which destroyed much of the infrastructure of the island. It can be climbed but should be approached with caution.

The region’s other main attractions are its completely unspoilt beaches of which there are many. Sangihe Talaud is also getting more and more popular with birdlovers. The islands are home to nine endemic species, and new ones are being discovered regularly.

Sangihe Talaud had 3 regencies are Sangihe, Siau Tagulandang Biaro (Sitaro) and Talaud.


How To Get There : 1. Manado - Sangihe

                                       - by flight to Naha Airport every day at 6AM

                                         and back to Manado at same day at 7 AM. 

                                       - by sea to Tahuna Harbour, craft every day at 10 AM and go to Manado also

                                         every day at same time (7 hours). Ferry every day at 7 PM Manado - Tahuna

                                         and back (10 hours).

                                  2. Manado - Tagulandang - Siau

                                      - by craft every day at 10 AM and arrive in Tagulandang at 1 PM and Siau at

                                        2.30 PM. Back to Manado every day from Siau at 12 AM and Tagulandang at

                                        2 PM. Ferry on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 5 PM especially                                           Sunday just go to Siau.

                                  3. Manado - Talaud

                                       - by flight to Melonguane Airport every day except Sunday at 10 AM

                                         and back to Manado same day at 11.30 AM.

                                       - by sea, ferry from Manado - Lirung - Melonguane - Beo 3 times a week

                                         every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 PM. Back to Manado on

                                        Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4 PM (about 13 hours).

 Don't believe if anybody talk difficult to get there.

Now flight often but boat every day in the morning and evening.

Easy way from Singapore - Manado - Sangihe Talaud.